The Ultimate Fellowship

I am building a team of smart, savvy, and motivated doers and thinkers to take under my wing to personally mentor and develop. I am looking for emerging leaders who are hungry to learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, thought leadership, technology, business, experience design, and event management. This small, tight-knit team of superheroes will work hard to build brands that will make a lasting impression in the diversity, innovation, and experience design spaces. Fellows will have access to opportunities for professional development through personal mentoring and resume development sessions, direct access to my global network, and sparkling professional recommendations (the kind that get people jobs!).

This fellowship program is a 12-week experiential learning program designed to identify and grow talented leaders, while giving them the opportunity to apply their skills, passions, and interests to growing brands like:
Culture & Revelry (a boutique experience design company)
And our clients such as SpeedUpAfrica and African Art Archive

Fellowship Roles
Operations, Research, Marketing & Communications, Event Production, and Business Development

Important Dates
Fellowship Dates: Feb 14 - May 9
Application Deadline: Feb 2



Your Profile — 
You are known as the go-getter in your circle of friends. You are the one that makes things happen. You like to figure out how things work and then work to make them better. You have a commanding presence in-person and on the phone.

Learning Objectives — 
Learn the challenges and best practices involved in operating a startup
Master and implement the latest smart tools, structure efficient processes, and employ best practices across several functions
Become proficient in streamlining and automating administrative tasks

Sample Responsibilities —        

  • Work with global conferences to coordinate speaking engagements
  • Manage our project management system and aid other fellows in creating their project trackers
  • Manage team communications and meeting preparation
  • Maintain budgets and track expenses and reimbursements
  • Assist in the planning, coordination, and execution of all events
  • Assist in all technical planning and management for events (lighting, sound, stage, etc.)


Your Profile — 
You know how to find information and figure out things fast! You find looking up new information in your free time enjoyable, and you often find yourself in “search-engine-stream-of-consciousness” mode.

Learning Objectives — 
Become extremely well versed in futurism, technology, business, experience design, diversity, and innovation.
Learn the connection between these areas of thought leadership and contribute research towards developing and articulating new content.
Master key tips and tricks to finding information from all corners of the web.
Research and learn the latest in data visualization and presentation.

Sample Responsibilities — 

  • Research the latest in global conferences and events, diversity statistics and studies, and innovation best practices

  • Find interesting content on diversity and innovation from a variety of sources

  • Work with the Marketing & Communications Fellow to catalog and share content

  • Support team with detailed research on upcoming and potential projects

  • Present research in an organized and compelling manner by crafting organized spreadsheets, reports, data visualizations, and infographics

noun_124664_cc cropped2.png


Your Profile — 
You can whip up a power email and a thought-provoking tweet in no time. You come up with captivating insights about almost every topic. You have excellent writing skills, and proper grammar is your thing. You know what Twitter is really capable of.

Learning Objectives — 
Learn professional communications tactics, as well as marketing and branding best practices
Learn more about paid social ads, editorial calendars, and growth hacking

Sample Responsibilities — 

  • Draft official messaging and communications (including newsletters)
  • Work with Operations Fellow to set up automated communications where possible 
  • Manage social media accounts including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Manage and implement website updates via Squarespace
  • Create original content and look for new ways to engage target audience
  • Track and report website, email, and social media performance and analytics
  • Develop marketing collateral, email campaigns, and social media content
  • It is a huge plus if you:
    • Have experience with Google Analytics.
    • Understand the basics of social media analytics and platform capabilities.
    • Have experience with tools such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Final Cut Pro.


Your Profile — 
Your motto is literally "work hard, play hard” because you throw the best events, and you put in the work to make them the best. Details matter to you, you can make something out of nothing, and you’re extremely organized. You might even have a background in theater or hospitality.

Learning Objectives — 
Design dazzling events by employing the best practices of experience design
Learn to create comprehensive event plans and budgets
Establish relationships with local partners, venues, and vendors
Learn the basics of managing an event management company

Sample Responsibilities — 

  • Assist in the planning, coordination, and execution of live events
  • Maintain and manage vendor and client databases
  • Develop and implement evaluations to measure program successes and opportunities
  • Assist with the execution of event-related social and digital media outreach
  • Manage documentation from team meetings and rehearsals
  • Work closely with the team to ensure we handle all elements of production-related workflow in a professional manner
  • Support event coordination and assist in the development all aspects of event logistics, including event schedules, F&B, transportation, entertainment, etc.


Your Profile — 
You are a power networker, and you can have a conversation with anyone. You love making new friends and often rally people together to take action. You are goals- and data-driven. You are a natural born leader and an influencer amongst your peers.

Learning Objectives — 
Develop and maintain relationships with a network of powerful influencers
Design and deliver impressive presentations to clients and collaborators
Practice strategic communications, including partner communications and presentations
Recognize stages of the sales cycle and apply knowledge to creation of appropriate reports

Sample Responsibilities — 

  • Researching prospective sponsors and strategic partners (including corporations, community organizations, and universities)
  • Tracking and maintaining communications with prospective and committed partners including emails, individual meetings, and presentations
  • Helping move prospects through the sales funnel for sponsorship
  • Evaluating performance of business development activities
  • Creating presentations for prospective clients

*Icons provided by The Noun Project. Creators include: Simon, Simon, Sergey Demushkin, Made Somewhere, and Zach Bogard.