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Lajuanda leaves a lasting impression wherever she goes. She’s brilliant, resilient and humble. I knew I could give her any task big or small and she would execute it before I could blink. Lajuanda is an absolute dream. If I ever get the opportunity to hire her again - I would do it without thinking twice. It is very rare to work with such exceptional talent. I am privileged to have had the opportunity.
— Rabiah Alicia Burkes, Incentive Awards Program
Working with Lajuanda in her experience design brand was such a joy - I enjoyed every moment of it. She has a way of helping you think bigger and do more excellent work, without getting in the way. I will recommend the LajuandaSpeaks Fellowship to any young leader or professional who wants to switch things up in their work.
Lajuanda is an extraordinary person. She is goal-oriented, focused, hard-working, organized, thrives under pressure, and always follows through. She works well with her peers, supervisors, and manages a team with much success. Above all else, Lajuanda exceeded all of my expectations.
— Lauren Avina, Singularity University
Big thanks to Lajuanda for being the most terrific moderator I have ever met at SpeedUpAfrica. Thank you, I love you.
Lajuanda was invited as a keynote speaker to the WSA Social Innovation Congress organized in the framework of the United Nations, presenting the world’s top digital content for changing society, and taking place in Singapore. Her keynote was on the topic “HOW TO THINK EXPONENTIALLY & CHANGE THE WORLD.” The audience, consisting of social entrepreneurs, international ICT experts, and governmental representatives enjoyed her well-performed rhetorical skills and her inspiring input on how to use tech for social good. We thank Lajuanda for her participation and look forward having her on stage again!
Lajuanda is one of the most detail-oriented people I have had the pleasure of working with. I was a member of the planning committee with Lajuanda. She is a great source of creativity and offered a fresh perspective that buttressed the collective vision for the conference.
— Obiamaka Ude, Empowering Women of Color Conference
I was fortunate to study under the amazingly talented Lajuanda during her 6-month fellowship programme. She was not just a mentor, but also played the role of a big sister to all the fellows. She freely tutored us in several areas from Live Event Production to Business Development and beyond. She instilled her go-getting, make it happen spirit in me and inspired me to want to do more. I remain so appreciative of the opportunity to work with her.

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